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The Modern Cities Act

In my first 100 days in Congress, I’m going to introduce a bi-partisan bill to the house called the Modern Cities Act. This legislation will finally take our American cities into the 21st century we all deserve. We will modernize police departments in essential ways that dramatically improve public safety. We will repopulate our thriving commercial corridors by incentivizing small businesses. And we will pave the path to actually end homelessness in every city across the nation within two years. These problems are solvable and we have tangible solutions. But we need your support. We need you to spread the message to all your friends and family. We need you to donate so we can expand our reach. We need you to volunteer to register voters. We can absolutely do this if we do it together.   

What does the Modern Cities Act include?

Public Safety

1. Establish federal standard for Police Departments

  • Minimum ratio of population:police officers and federal funding to make up difference in municipal budgets to cover staffing increases
  • Nationalized standards of police academies including classes on socio-cultural factors like race, ethnicity, gender, class

2. Integrate Mental Health into ALL aspects of policing

  • Mandated weekly mental health treatment for all officers
  • Integrating Social Workers into Police Departments
  • Every car will be staffed with one armed officer, and one social worker officer in police uniform to respond to non-violent incidents

3. Re-establish Police Departments as Dignified Institutions of Public Service

  • Standardize starting salaries to meet local cost of living
  • Reinvest in stimulus programs to offer discounted down payments on houses for police, firefighters, and teachers.

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1. Reopen state-run mental health hospitals
2. Invest in state-run drug addiction treatment hospitals
3. Expand housing voucher programs that prevent at-risk individuals from losing housing attached to mandatory job training and job placement
4. Establish Care Courts in every city where unhoused citizens are taken to humanely assess needs before placement

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Small Business & Workforce Development

Expand Small Business Administration budget by $25B

  • Incentivize small businesses to fill leases in empty spaces of commercial corridors
  • Incentivize Millennial-owned businesses and first-time business owners
  • Invest in expansion of workforce pipeline programs at community colleges to ensure job placement.

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Technology and Government Transparency

1. Create and Implement a phone app that tracks government spending at all levels – town, city, county, state and federal

  • Make government spending information easy to view and understand for all users.

2. Implement AI technology to find instances of waste and redundancy in government budgets to maximize savings

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