Dr. Jennifer Tran for Congress: Policy Position

Foreign Policy

It’s 2024. The future is here. It’s time to recognize that the concept of governments sending young people to kill other young people they do not know for reasons they barely understand – needs to become a relic of the past.

Instead of picking sides in armed conflict and decrying war crimes, Dr. Tran will lead in Congress by reminding the world that all war is a crime.

The current violent crimes happening in Ukraine and Palestine epitomize the failed philosophies of war and empire.

The US military has been constructed and deployed for largely empire-building purposes. Our particular empirical doctrine has required a state of perpetual global war – even sometimes proxy wars like the current ones.

In this way, US military involvement in foreign conflicts has been a destabilizing force, not an improvement on the quality of life in the countries where we intervene. This is true in the cases of Israel, Palestine, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam.

In this era of the widely-televised brutality of armed conflict, we humans are at the brink of coming to a global awareness that this destruction of war is not necessary.

It may sound  idealistic to some, but mutual partnership  is the obvious eventual outcome of our species. Humans evolved out of the cave via our intelligent ability to cooperate. We will eventually re-learn to meta-cooperate as a species. We’re too smart to destroy ourselves via multilateral nuclear war.

The parties who perpetrate and profit from war will obviously oppose and criticize this idea.

They’ll say that neutrality is not an option when one side starts the violence. But instead of choosing sides in armed conflicts, we could choose to end all armed conflict. This is where the US could shift its disposition and change the world. It just takes leadership.

Instead of war for geo-political empire, we should be exporting a diplomatic brand of leadership which recognizes that human life is always more valuable.

Diplomatic solutions and compromises always exist if we work hard enough to find them. All aggrieved parties can be disarmed when treated with respect, understanding, and mutual interest in prosperity.

In Congress, Dr. Tran will always vote for a ceasefire of every armed conflict. And she will always vote to prevent the exportation of any military tools of violence to any foreign party. Her parents were refugees who fled the Vietnam War. She will always vote to uphold the human rights of all refugee groups.

An end to war is possible.
Dr. Tran will do her part.

Help us achieve this vision.

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